Blimp Aerial Photography

Eagle Eye Photography offers a professional, unique and cost-effective approach to aerial photography and videography.  Blimp aerial photography is a unique low level aerial photography system that uses an unmanned 21ft helium filled tethered blimp, to take photos and video from 10ft to 500ft for a totally different perspective.  The unmanned blimp has attached to its base, a remote controlled digital camera on a 3 axis gyroscopically stabilized camera gimbal.  The photographer has a wireless video feed allowing him to see exactly what the camera sees.  The entire setup is portable and can go wherever the photographer can walk, ride or float in a boat.

We use a professional  grade 18 mega pixel camera with image stabilization for crystal clear photos and video footage.  The video footage from the blimp is perfectly smooth.  No vibrations at all!  The photos we take have such high resolution that you can blow the picture up into a large 4x4ft photo and its still stays clear.

Eagle Eye Photography is the ONLY aerial photography business in Minnesota that has a photography blimp.  All other aerial photographers use aircraft which can’t get as low or be as precise as our blimp.

Low Level, cost effective and efficient – Pay for the photos – not the plane hire!

Our specialty service includes:

  • >  High detailed wide angle perspectives of properties – not a zoomed in photograph from afar. Close proximity to subject with wide angle background detail.
  • >  Unique angles and altitudes obtainable. Balloon photography is not restricted to just one angle or altitude. The balloon can be walked and maneuvered to capture the exact image required.
  • >  If desired, you or your company representative can attend on site and view/ direct the photographer from the comfort of our viewing station to capture the exact image you have in mind.
  • >  Heights from ground level up to 500ft. The best photographs are generally obtained from between 50ft and 200ft, this is 1/5th the altitude of airplanes and helicopters.
  • >  Up to 100 photographs delivered on CD or online via an online dropbox for immediate viewing.
  • >  The more properties booked, the more cost effective our service
  • >  Professional Service with minimum fuss – our Blimp arrives inflated, photography system is then attached and up it goes within minutes.
  • >  Highest quality professional photographic equipment is utilized. Images can be used for brochures, websites, posters, prints.

Construction Project?

-Take Progress Photos
-Site Surveys
-Ground Breaking
-Quality Certification
-Project Completion aerial photos.

Commercial or Residential Real Estate?
-Site Selection Analysis
-Executive Homes and Waterfront Properties
-Market the property

A Different Perspective
- Aerial Views Not Normally Seen
– Better than an Artist’s Rendition
– Ability to Point Out Positives
– Close-up Inspections
– Ability to see the “Whole Picture”

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