High Altitude Vertical Aerial Photo used for aerial mapping.
This aircraft has two belly mounted   Sony a7r IV cabers (61 mega pixel) on a 3 axis gimbal
FAA authorized drone

Aerial Mapping Service

Using our specially modified Cessna aircraft with two bellymounted camera systems, we can provide  2D or 3D maps of virtually any location with accuracies as high as 1 inches per pixel.  Using aerial photos, a LIDAR system (Light Detection and Ranging) and the latest photogrammetry software we can provide interactive 3D models that are georeferenced to existing ground features.  With advancements in technology and software, aerial mapping has never been more actuate and affordable.

3D Mapping

2D Mapping

Orthophotography & Photogrammetric Mapping

We also provide 3 dimensional maps of any area.  We take thousands of oblique aerial photos that are stitched together into a georeferenced map. Using this we can provide interactive 3D maps of any geographic location with photorealistic texturing. Perfect for sharing and online visualization.

We can provide crystal clear 2 dimensional maps of any location ranging from an acre to an entire state.  This is done by thousands of vertical aerial photos  stitch them together into a map.  Imagery can be obtained with resolutions as high as 1 inches per pixel, far exceeding the resolution of satellite imagery.

The process of acquiring and processing aerial imagry into useful maps is call photogrammetry. This aerial imagery can be georeferenced to existing ground features.  Using Pix4D, an advanced photogrammetry software,  the images are stitched together to create professional orthomosaics maps.  Orthomosaics are more accurate than traditional photo stitched imagery because they correct for uneven terrain for a more accurate image.  For more information about Orthomosaic mapping, click here

Using our equipment we can safely and legally access hard to reach locations such as near airports, restricted airspace, downtown locations, etc.   We can get a closer and far superior view than conventional ground or other aerial methods. We are fully insured and licensed.

overlapping aerial imagery

FAA & DOT Approved

Using cameras like the Hasselblad A6D, we can obtain  jaw dropping 100 megapixel imagery at scales of 1 inch per pixel.  Each photo is geotagged with the GPS coordinates and altitude data.  We apply GPS correction technology called post processed kinematic (PPK) to enhance the quality of the location data.  Additionally, the cameras is stabilized correcting for pitch, roll ensuring the camera stays in the proper position.

Camera Equipment

pointer triangle
pointer triangle





100 Mega Pixel Cameras

3 Axis Stabilization

Airborne Laser Scanner

Drone Mapping

We offer drone mapping as a great way to obtain low cost aerial imagery for smaller rural projects.  For larger projects especially over the cities, manned aircraft are usually a much better solution. (FAA regulations prohibit drones from flying over people and moving cars, making it hard to fly over cities)

3D Modeling

Survey Work

Erosion Tracking


Floodplain Evaluation

Land Use Mapping

Transportation Planning

Engineering Applications

Urban Planning


Post Disaster Mapping

Utilities Monitoring

Volumetric Studies

Straight down image example
Example of a grid flight pattern of an aerial mapping flight mission

Think Google Earth: But WAY Better!

How it Works




Using airborne laser scanners we can obtain survey-grade, high point density data, able to penetrate vegetation and produce accurate results.  

LIDAR Equipment

Sample map of Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN
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