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Aerial Mapping

Using our Cessna with our specially modified camera pod  we can provide aerial 2D or 3D maps of virtually any location with accuracies as high as 3 inches per pixel.  Using the latest photogrammetry software we can provide interactive 3D models that are georeferenced to existing ground features.  With advancements in technology and software, aerial mapping has never been most affordable.

3D Mapping

2D Mapping

Orthophotography & Photogrammetric Mapping

Eagle Eye


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Oblique aerial photos are stitched together into a georeferenced map. Using this we can provide interactive 3D maps of any geographic location with photorealistic texturing. Perfect for sharing and online visualization.

Vertical aerial photography can be one of the best ways to obtain detailed maps.  Imagery can be obtained with resolutions as high as 3 inches per pixel, exceeding the resolution of satellite imagery.

Overlapping aerial imagery can be georeferenced to existing ground features.  Our advanced photogrammetry software uses images to create professional orthomosaics.  Orthomosaics are more accurate than traditional photo stitched imagery.  Orthomosaics correct for uneven terrain for a more accurate image.

Using our equipment we can safely and legally access hard to reach locations such as near airports, restricted airspace, downtown locations, etc.   We can get a closer and far superior view than conventional ground or other aerial methods.  Unlike many other UAV operators, we are 100% FAA and DOT compliant.  We follow all federal, state and local regulations. Additionally we are fully insured and licensed.

overlapping aerial imagery

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