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Eagle Eye Photography has been providing the Minneapolis/ St. Paul and surrounding areas with professional, cost effective, low and high altitude aerial photos and videos  since 1993.  

The company founder, Steve Smith, started Eagle Eye Photography after realizing the need for low altitude precision aerial photos in various industries, that traditional aerial photographers could not obtain. Steve used a 21ft helium filled blimp for low altitude photos and he rented a helicopter for high altitude photos.  Steve became known as “The Blimp Guy” hence our website  BlimpGuy.com

In 2011, James Aarestad purchased Eagle Eye Photos LLC and is now the owner of this unique specialized business.  Although we still have the blimp, we mostly use our UAVs (aka Drones) and Cessna Aircraft to do the job.  This new equipment has given us greater utility allow us to obtain aerial photos and video from virtually every perspective and altitude.  Over the years, Eagle Eye Photos LLC has served thousands of business and homeowners with quality, customized aerial photos.   No one else in the midwest has a photography system like ours.  This is what makes our service so unique.  

We are also a member of the Professional Aerial Photographers Association.  Additional we routinely work with other aerial photographers such as Erdahl Aerial Photos and other firms like Aerial Scapes.

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Here are some press articles about the development of our unique camera pod system for our Cessna.

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Midwest Flyer article about Eagle Eye Photos LLC
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