Using our equipment we can safely and legally access hard to reach locations such as near airports, restricted airspace, downtown locations, etc.   We can get a closer and far superior view than conventional ground or other aerial methods.  Unlike many other UAV operators, we are 100% FAA and DOT compliant.  We follow all federal, state and local regulations. Additionally we are fully insured and licensed.

Cost Effective Precision

Aerial Surveillance


Aerial Filming

Using our Cessna aircraft outfitted with a unique camera pod, we can provide you with live aerial video footage of virtually any location within Minnesota and the surrounding states.  We are FAA and DOT approved, fully insured and licensed.  

With our specially modified Cessna aircraft we can slowly orbit high above any location while streaming to you a live video feed viewable on any mobile device or computer.  With our system we can remain airborne for up to 4 hours, while streaming critical video information to your ground personnel.  

Our cameras are mounted on a 3 axis gyroscopically stabilized camera system with a telephoto zoom lens.  With this system, we can zoom in and track any object or location you wish while circling high above.

FAA & DOT Approved

With this system we can shoot stabilized HD quality aerial video footage for a fraction of the cost of traditional helicopter methods.  Our system can do 85% of what the helicopter systems can do for 1/3rd the operating cost.

Full Service Aerial Surveillance 24/7

We can be made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being airborne within 15 minutes of a phone call.

High Altitude Aerial Monitoring

Low Cost

-Emergency Management

-Live Breaking News Coverage

-Search & Rescue

-Law Enforcement

-Aerial Monitoring

Bonded Cellular Video Broadcasting

A live encrypted video feed is broadcast to our ground station and streamed online allowing for secure video access from any wifi connected mobile device or computer.

Aerial Surveillance

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Minnesota Aerial Surveillance

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Aerial Security Monitoring
Emergency Aerial Surveillance
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