A camera pod that detects methane gas leaks attached to a C-177RG
A Cessna Cardinal with a pipeline inspection camera pod attached.
Some of the lenses we use for aerial photography

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Entirely self contained

(no wires)

Battery powered

(4-5 hr endurance)

5 minutes to

Install or Remove

Every year undetected gas leaks cost utility companies millions in lost revenue. Additionally  the environmental impact has got the attention of regulators around the world..  Most gas leaks are invisible, odorless and hard to detect.  We have designed a camera pod to house a highly specialized camera that allows the operator to visually see and detect hydrocarbon gas leaks.  This system is available as a strut mounted option for Cessna 172s, 182 and 206s.  Additionally, a cargo area option is available for C-177s.  Call us to learn more

This system detects  gas leaks in gas pipelines.

Gas Leak Detection Camera Pod


Logo for Eagle Eye Photography
Logo for Eagle Eye Photography

If you are interested in this system or if you would like to receive status please fill out this form.

The ultimate low cost aerial gas leak detection system.

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