The 2nd Annual Photo Phlight Phiesta

May 16th at KCFE at 10am

Last year Eagle Eye Photography hosted the first annual Photo Phlight Phiesta. This event was open to the public with 15 people and 9 aircraft that participated, we called it a smashing success. To see pictures of the event click here.

This year we are hosting the event again, but this time we will also obtain VIDEO footage of your aircraft!

The event is open to all aircraft owners or aircraft renters in the Midwest.  If you want an awesome imagery of your aircraft be sure to mark your calandar and sign up below!

The briefing will start at 10:00am in the arrival/departure building at KCFE. Prior to departure we will sit down for an extensive safety briefing and formation flying lesson.  The flight will be structured and choreographed.  Once airborne, you will simply fly the predetermine headings and altitude while we safely maneuver at a distance to capture the prefect photo of your bird!  For safety reasons we will not be conducting close formation flying.

Nick is a professional airshow photographer and parachutist with over 10,000 sky dives under his belt. Photography is his passion and he shoots amazing photos! See his portfolio below.

Eagle Eye


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Eagle Eye


Formation Flight Pre-brief


Nick Halseth

Photo Ship:  C177RG

The photo ship will be a Cessna Cardinal RG. This aircraft is equipped with a removable side window and no wing strut or landing gear, making it a great air to air photo platform.  It will be piloted by James Aarestad, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, +10,000 hours.  He has taught and conducted hundreds of formations flights.


To sign up please fill out this form.  Payment will be due the morning of the event.

Get a professional 4k air to air video footage of YOUR aircraft for only $99!

Pilot Currency

Loose formation flying is a blast! It is not rocket science.  However, we ask that you only sign up if your a proficient pilot.  We don't want rusty pilots at this event.  Thanks

Video/Photo Delivery

Total cost is $99.  No extra fees. After the photo flight is complete, we will email you the photos and video footage of your aircraft.  

Nick's Portfolio

Below is a small sample Nick's work


We will want relatively smooth air and clear skies.  Hence the 10:00am brief. The goal will be an 10:30am departure.  We should be done by noon hopefully before the bumps arrive.  We will email you the day before to confirm the weather will be good.  May 30th will be our backup date.

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