The Temp/Dew Point Spread

James Aarestad, March 17 2019

Over the years I’ve learned its the little things that can make a big difference in the quality of an aerial photo.  You see, I’m a self taught aerial photographer.  I learned the hard way, mostly through trial and error.  Over time, I began to correlate the quality of my aerial photos with the difference between the temperature and dew point (amon...

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4 Reasons Why Aerial Imagery Is An Essential Tool in Real Estate Development

James Aarestad, March 3 2019

Reason #1.  Location, Location, Location.  Showcasing a property from above quickly gives the viewer an instant perspective of the property in relation to nearby attractions.  The old saying is true:  A picture is truly worth a thousand words.  Imagine you’re trying to sell some land to Whole Foods for a new grocery store.  Imagine trying to commu...

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3D Maps for City Engineers: Its cheaper than you think

James Aarestad, February 17 2019

Obtaining aerial 3D maps, also known as orthomosaic maps, has never been cheaper.  Today, a city engineer or city planner can obtain a high quality interactive 3D map of their city for a fraction of the cost compared to 10 years ago all thanks to the technological advancements in aerial cameras and computers. Imagine being able to instantly measure...

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High Altitude Aerial Photos in Real Estate Marketing

James Aarestad, January 25 2019

Many real estate professionals have never considered the value that a high altitude photo can have on property marketing.  We have all heard the slogan “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in real estate its all about “location, location, location”  A good high altitude photo combines the truth of these two slogans.

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Effective Real Estate Marketing Aerial Photos

James Aarestad, January 11 2019

As you may know, over the last 5 years we have seen an explosion of drones used in real estate marketing.  Their low cost and ease of use makes it a great tool in property marketing.  The newer drones are so cheap and easy to fly that many realtors are become FAA certified themselves and buying a drone.  (For more information about FAA drone certif...

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