James Aarestad, January 25 2019

High Altitude Aerial Photos in Real Estate Marketing

Many real estate professionals have never considered the value that a high altitude photo can have on property marketing.  We have all heard the slogan “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in real estate its all about “location, location, location”  A good high altitude photo combines the truth of these two slogans.

In a nutshell, the value of a high altitude real estate photo is  its ability to quickly showcase a property’s location.  Using only a couple photos you can effectively display a property’s location in reference to other nearby attractions.  I believe this is a more effective way to show the surroundings than a traditional map because it more accurately allows the viewer to determine scale. (walkability, drivability, ect.)  So next time your trying to communicate your real estate’s location, consider higher an aerial photographer to get a high altitude photo like the one below:   Visit my website for more info www.BlimpGuy.com

Written by

James Aarestad

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