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Our Cessna Cardinal RG (C177RG)

Click here to see photos of the Cardinal restoration project

Removable Photo Window

Updated Avionics

Flush Mounted iPad mini

New Paint Job (2018)

New Interior (2018)

Lots of room for taking aerial photos and video footage

Leather Seats

New Plastic Trim

The Cessna Cardinal RG: The Best Aerial Photo Platform Ever! Over the year’s I’ve had chance to take aerial photos from Cessna 150s, 152s, 170s, 172s, 180s, 182s, 210s and even low wing aircraft such as Bonanzas and even a Piper Warrior. (I’m not including experimental aircraft because its illegal to use them for commercial aerial photography operations).   After thousands of hours conducting photo flights through out the Midwest, I can honestly say that the C177RG is the best platform not only for us, but for our customers.

1976 C177RG used in aerial photography
Our Cessna 177RG on an aerial photo mission
Cessna Panel with Garmin G5s and  EI-CRG-30-Combo
A clean panel on our C177RG
This panel includes two G5s, GTX 335, EI-CGR-30 Combo and a flush mounted iPad mini from Guardian Avionics
Logo for Eagle Eye Photography
Logo for Eagle Eye Photography
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