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Our Equipment:

We got you covered from

10ft to 10,000ft




Our Drones

We our a variety of drones, also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems).Our workhorse in the DJI Inspire 1 with the X5 Zenmuse Camera.  This is our Ford F-150 of the fleet.  A solid, dependable aircraft that is great for most low altitude jobs. Not only does it take great pictures but it also provides some of the smoothest video footage available.  This aircraft takes a variety of glass from wide angled lenses to telephoto lenses. If your project requires larger cameras with heavy lenses, we will deploy the DJI M600.  This aircraft can lift heavy cameras and boasts flight times of over 30 minutes.  

Our Cessna Cardinal RG (C177RG)

This is our Cessna Cardinal. It has retractable landing gear, no wing strut and a specially modified photography window making it the perfect aerial photo platform for altitudes above 500ft.  We typically fly at altitudes ranging from 1,000ft to 2,000ft.  However, we can fly as high as 14,000ft if needed for a super high perspective.  It can fly at speeds ranging from 50 -170 mph.  It is truly the best aerial photo aircraft ever made

Our Blimp

We use 
this blimp for aerial photos



This is one of the most unique  methods of obtaining aerial photos.   Long before drones came into existence, Eagle Eye Photography was busy taking low altitude photos with this blimp. In fact, there are currently only two aerial photo businesses using a blimp in the USA and we are one of them.  

Even with our fleet of drones, we still prefer the blimp for certain jobs. The blimp is perfect for:-lifting heavy camera system-flying in areas where the drones can't legally fly -long flight times (all day if needed) -when silence is key: hovers silently, making it a perfect platform for filming a golf event for example.  -when flying over crowds of people-aerial advertising.  Nothing gets people's attention like a blimp.

26 feet long-made of a high tech plastic material

Lifts heavy cameras and gimbals

Filled with helium

Fits inside a custom made trailer

Flies in winds up to 28 mph

For more photos of this

airplane click here

Logo for Eagle Eye Photography
Logo for Eagle Eye Photography
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