1st Annual Photo Flight Fiesta

(Air to Air Photography Event)

May 25th at KCFE

We had 9 aircraft and 15 people show up and participate in the Photo Flight Fiesta!  We would have had at least 6 more, but due to a previous weather cancelation on the 18th, these folks had Memorial Day plans (they missed out big time!)





We did a formal formation flight lesson and pre-brief in the arrival/departure building at Buffalo Airport (KCFE).  For many this was their first time doing a formation flight.

Nick was our awesome photographer!  He is a professional airshow photographer and parachutist with over 10,000 sky dives under his belt. Photography is his passion and he shoots amazing photos!

INFO@BLIMPGUY.COM                    952-882-8570

Formation Flight Pre-brief

Air to Air Photographer:  Nick Halseth

Photo Ship:  C177RG

The photo ship was our  Cessna Cardinal RG. This aircraft is equipped with a removable side window and no wing strut or landing gear, making it a great air to air photo platform.  It was piloted by James Aarestad, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, +10,000 hours.  He has taught and conducted hundreds of formations flights.

We had a fantastic event!

Here are the pictures of

the participating aircraft:

IMG 0591
IMG 1700a
IMG 1689a
IMG 1687a
rocket 1
bonanza 6
cessna1 2
cessna2 1
cessna3 2
cirrus 4
cub 4
glasair 4
pitts 1

Cirrus SR-22



Cessna 180 

Cessna 150 

Piper Cub


F1 Rocket 


Cessna 175 

Glass Air 


cessna1 6
DSC 5811
DSC 5813
DSC 5816
DSC 5818
DSC 5827
DSC 5822
IMG 1697a

Ground Photographers: Bill Nord and Jeremy Dando


These cool dudes stood on the side of the runway and got great action shots of the aircraft taking off and landing.  Check out there photos below!!

IMG 1871a
IMG 1690a
IMG 1696a
IMG 1704a
IMG 1729a
IMG 1794a
IMG 1802a
IMG 1813a
IMG 1859james
IMG 1828a
IMG 1833a
DSC 5902
DSC 5886
DSC 5897
DSC 5880
DSC 5853
DSC 5848
DSC 5835
DSC 5844
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