Some of the lenses we use for aerial photography
Some of the lenses we use for aerial photography

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DJI Zenmuse X7 Lens cc DJI Zenmuse Z30 DJI Zenmuse X5s Camera

Zenmuse X4S

DJI Zenmuse X5R
Cessna 172 with Sky-Cam 300 Camera Pod
A Sky-Case 300 Camera Pod on a C172
Side view of SKy-Cam 300 Camera Pod
A C172 with a camera pod for in-flight filming
DJI Controller

Camera is controlled by DJI's

Cendence Remote Control

DJI CrystalSky

Video is displayed on

DJI's CrystalSky Monitor

Entirely self contained

(no wires)

Battery powered

(4-5 hr endurance)

5 minutes to

Install or Remove

Bonded Cellular Video Broadcasting

A live high definition video feed can be broadcast anywhere in the world using an 8 modem bonded cellular video transmission system.  This system works by splitting the video feed into 4 channels and broadcasting via the 4G cellar system.  1/4th of the data is sent to the Sprint cell towers, 1/4th to Verizon cell towers, 1/4 to T-mobile towers, and 1/4th to AT&T towers.  Each channel is broadcasted twice for redundancy.  The end result is buttery smooth incredibly reliable live video footage.

FAA Approval

This camera system is approved via an FAA STC to be installed on a C-172, C-182, or C-206.  Installation takes minutes followed by a logbook entry from an FAA certified mechanic.

3 axis camera stabilization

1080p or 4K video

If you are interested in this system or if you would like to receive status updates please fill out this form.

The ultimate low cost

aerial filming system

The Recon Surveyor- M600 camera

pod is our flagship aerial

filming system. This

camera pod will accept the

following types of DJI

drone cameras:

DJI Zenmuse X4s Camera
Sky-Cam 300 Camera Pod

Zenmuse X7

Zenmuse X5

Zenmuse Z30

Zenmuse X5s

Zenmuse X5R

Logo for Eagle Eye Photography
Logo for Eagle Eye Photography
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